With the mission of mixing traditional Corporate Finance, and the Financial industry with the new digital world

Focused on Fintech, mainly in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) projects, and Digital Assets 

Impulsing  the foundations of a new generation of financial infrastructure that we consider being the engine for the natural evolvement of the Financial Industry and Capital Markets

Providing you access to other strategic financial actors, as well as to our knowledge and experience in the industry to make an exit together 



To serve as an external accelerator for Fintech companies at later stages, and to impulse mainly Blockchain/DLT Fintech entrepreneurs at early stages, to achieve their biggest potential

Advisory services for disruptive Fintech companies at later stages phases, focused mainly on the pre-IPO phase. Assisting you in your fundings requirements, and to achieve your biggest potential, and to make an exit together

Venture Capital business for Fintech projects in Europe at early stage phases From pre-seed stage to A rounds, investing either capital or labour power to growth and make an exit together


Consultancy on Token generating events

Consultancy on Token generating events, facilitating also structuring and legal services for tokenisations, as well as other related services, such as asset management through affiliated teams and companies (*)

Consultancy about Tokenizations financial infrastructure


Providing advisory on digital transformation and development of your own digital financial infrastructures through Tokenizations.
Tokenizations increase the efficiency in investments and transactions, simplify the financial markets in only one infrastructure, saving of costs around 50%, reducing lead times, increasing transparency, and providing liquidity and a 24/7 market
It allows the syndication and the access to investments, as well as facilitates financial inclusion.

(*) The investments on cryptoassets are usually addressed to qualified investors. Investing in cryptoassets, digital assets (“Tokens”) is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost. It is important to read and understand the risks of these investments. Tokens that may be acquired will not be held by entities legally authorized to provide investment services unless otherwise indicated and the distributed ledger technology that is intended to be used (“Blockchain”) is novel and may carry significant risks. (See Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions section for a more detailed description of the associated risks)