Aglaia Capital is an independent Corporate Finance advisory firm matching asset-backed transactions with investors and financing providers 

Whether you are looking for financing, investment opportunities, a joint venture partner, or selling non-core assets, we are an easy way for making it happen through our network of investors, funds, family offices, UHNWI, institutions, financing providers, and trusted partners around Europe

We advise throughout the whole process using the knowledge, experience and discipline of the  traditional Investment Banking industry, plus the strengths and efficiency of an independent  business

We also provide valuation services of Corporates using general accepted valuation methodologies, for having a reference value for a corporate transaction, as well as other Corporate Finance services





Bridge Loans
Preferred equity
Mezzanine Loans
Senior Loans
Working Capital Loans


Joint Ventures


Student Residences
Innovative Assets Classes


Portfolios of Residential assets Portfolios of Residential NPLs Restructuring


  • Elaboration of Financial Projections
  • Elaboration of financial model
  • Calculation of possible values based on general accepted valuation methodologies
  • Coordination with other advisors
  • Review of areas involved in the transaction
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Legal services
  • Assistance and Creation of legal structures 
  • Consultancy in the strategy in corporate expansion in other countries, and corporate transactions
  • Elaboration of Financial Projections
  • Corporate Governance
  • Value Based Management
  • Assistance and Creation of legal structures 
  • Review of the best alternative financing
  • Bridge Loans
  • Preferred equity
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Senior Loans
  • Working Capital Loans


One-stop shop for  making investments AND DIVESTMENTS  in Spain

Investment Opportunities

Scouting of business opportunities according the investor criteria, mainly in Spain and the sectors where we operate:
Real Estate
Impact Investments (ESG)
Venture Capital Investments (Startups)
Sale of non core- assets

Asset management, and Assistance in Transactions in Spain

Real Assets Management,
Coordination with other advisors Arranging other advisors needed during the process
Assistance in the negotiations and during the sale process

Private Office Services

Helping in setting up companies in Spain as well as facilitation other services needed
Set up of corporate investment structures

Corporate Finance and Strategy

Strategy and Corporate advisory
Elaboration of financial projections, and valuation of business

Aglaia Capital Club is a new - generation Investment Club

Join our network of Investors and trusted Investing Partners, for single and co-investments, and enjoy an inspiring ecosystem while making business. To be a member of Aglaia Capital Investment Club, just confirm our invitation, or send us a request to join.

If you are a Fund, or Family Office

We arrange for you Alternative Investment opportunities on Real Estate and Hotels, or Alternative Financing which match your investment strategy, mainly in Spain, and selectively, in Europe, and Latinomerica

If you are a Business Angel, or a fan of Emerging Technologies and Venture Capital

We offer you our preferred projects in several verticals, and a platform for Co - investments in promising selected disruptive ventures

If you are a Corporate, or an Sponsor

 Interested in a sale of a single asset, or portfolio, of Real Estate, Hotel, or any other asset class.
Interested in Alternative Financing Or you are a rising star of an Emerging Technology or an innovative venture founder, contact us sending your details 

Being a member of the Aglaia Capital Investment Club

Participate in our periodical roadshow and afterwork venues with fellow investors, industry leaders, and some sponsors, and star founders. Growth and think out of the box with our periodical vip gatherings

We leverage the extensive relationships and the experience of our partners providing expansion and growth solutions for companies, and investors in several countries and locations such as Latinoamerica, Philippines, Europe, Miami, and China

We offer our leverage our extensive relationships and the experience of our local partners to be your bridge for the internationalization in the Philippines

Philippines It is one of the most solid economies of the Southeast Asian countries and with the most potential of growth.

We help our clients of any sector to expand into the Philippines such as looking for local partners, develop your business, or set up franchises. As a part of the process we assess the fit in the market through our local partners and market intelligence.

Besides, we create the conditions through which clients can expand their businesses in the Philippines, establish local partnerships, and provide legal and corporate office services as well as support on creation of the corporate and related services to support in the establishment in the Philippines through our trusted partners and providers.

Our services include:

 With the mission of mixing traditional Corporate Finance, and the Financial industry with the new digital world

Focused on Fintech, mainly in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) projects, and Digital Assets 

Impulsing  the foundations of a new generation of financial infrastructure that we consider being the engine for the natural evolvement of the Financial Industry and Capital Markets

Providing you access to other strategic financial actors, as well as to our knowledge and experience in the industry to make an exit together 



To serve as an external accelerator for Fintech companies at later stages, and to impulse mainly Blockchain/DLT Fintech entrepreneurs at early stages, to achieve their biggest potential

Advisory services for disruptive Fintech companies at later stages phases, focused mainly on the pre-IPO phase. Assisting you in your fundings requirements, and to achieve your biggest potential, and to make an exit together

Venture Capital business for Fintech projects in Europe at early stage phases From pre-seed stage to A rounds, investing either capital or labour power to growth and make an exit together


Consultancy on Token generating events

Consultancy on Token generating events, facilitating also structuring and legal services for tokenisations, as well as other related services, such as asset management through affiliated teams and companies (*)

Consultancy about Tokenizations financial infrastructure


Providing advisory on digital transformation and development of your own digital financial infrastructures through Tokenizations.
Tokenizations increase the efficiency in investments and transactions, simplify the financial markets in only one infrastructure, saving of costs around 50%, reducing lead times, increasing transparency, and providing liquidity and a 24/7 market
It allows the syndication and the access to investments, as well as facilitates financial inclusion.

(*) The investments on cryptoassets are usually addressed to qualified investors. Investing in cryptoassets, digital assets (“Tokens”) is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost. It is important to read and understand the risks of these investments. Tokens that may be acquired will not be held by entities legally authorized to provide investment services unless otherwise indicated and the distributed ledger technology that is intended to be used (“Blockchain”) is novel and may carry significant risks. (See Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions section for a more detailed description of the associated risks)

Aglaia Capital has been featured by Startup Bubble News as one of the Spanish startups pioneering Blockchain innovation in 2023

Startup Bubble News, UK, November 2023

Aglaia Capital is one of the 2023 winners of Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards at Wealth & Finance. Aglaia Capital awarded as “Best Independent Corporate Finance Advisory 2023, Spain” 

The Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) markets are integral to the ecosystem of emerging businesses; fortifying start-ups and enabling innovative enterprises to thrive. Wealth & Finance International is committed to recognising and celebrating the most deserving and best performing businesses and professional individuals that work hard to serve their clients in the finance and investments landscape. These awards cover solutions for all kinds of investments, funds, software start-ups, among others. 

Wealth & Finance, UK, November 2023

Aglaia Capital featured  as“15 Intriguing Startups in Spain to discover the Future in Finance”, and on Navigating the future of Finance

EU Startups News, September 2023

Aglaia Capital featured as Most Influential Financial Services Startups in 2023:
“Aglaia Capital, Ángela Álvarez founded Aglaia Capital which facilitates Corporate Finance assets, backed deals, alternative investments, and financial advice on token generating events”

EU Startups News, September 2023

Ángela Álvarez featured in Marking a mark: the most iconic leaders to follow for inspiration 2022

The CIO Today Magazine, August 2022

Aglaia Capital featured as Top Advice Startups in the Iberian Peninsula, June 2022


Aglaia Capital featured as Top madrid real estate startups companies

Estate Innovation , June 2022

Ángela Álvarez featured Angela  Alvarez is a Proven Leader in the Corporate Finance Space

CIO LOOK Magazine, May 2022

Aglaia Capital featured in  The hall of Fame of reputed companies , and article Aglaia Capital revamping the Fintech industry.

“In our special issue of The Enterprise World’s Hall of Fame 2021 – Europe Edition, we bring to you the stories of companies that have shown everyone how to run organizations in the hardest of times. They have shown us that it is when challenges weigh you down, that is the best way ever to spring back up, stronger than ever!”

The Enterprise World Magazine, November 2021 

Angela Alvarez featured “SHEROES: Most Inspiring Women Leaders 2022”

CIO Today Magazine, May 2022


Aglaia Capital awarded Most influential leader in Corporate Finance Spain 2021, at M&A Today, Global Awards

The M&A Today Annual Awards provide a benchmark of the best  industry leaders, exemplary teams and distinguished organisations, based on the simple principles of veracity, accuracy and insight. 

M&A Today, Global Awards,  September 2021 


Aglaia Capital Corporate Finance Specialists of the Year 2021, at the Innovation & Excellence Awards

The Innovation Awards are the most highly anticipated and celebrated recognition within the global corporate community, highlighting firms and individuals that have introduced new methods and ideas in their industry over the past 12 months. Winners were chosen for industry recognition, innovative use of technology in research and development, branding, and most importantly service excellence. 

Corporate LiveWire,  September 2021

Aglaia Capital Corporate Finance specialist of the year

Aglaia Capital awarded as Most Influential Leader in Corporate Finance 2021 – Spain, at the Global 100-2021 Awards

The Global 100 provides a benchmark of the very best of the best industry leaders, exemplary team’s and distinguished organisations.

Global 100-2021 Awards, September 2021

Aglaia Capital selected one of the 20 Innovative Companies to Watch of 2021

Listing Top 20 Innovative Companies to watch in 2021

The Executive Headlines, August 2021 

Ángela Álvarez featured “The 10 Trailblazing Women in Tech

Ángela Álvarez: A Prolific Leader in FinTech and Corporate Finance Industry

Insight Success Magazine, July 2021

Ángela Álvarez was speaking at the Spring Family Office, UHNWI Conference, Technology, Impact Trends for 2021, about Investment Strategies in Real Estate and Hotels, and Digital Assets

Gateway2enterprise, March 2021

Aglaia Capital advised the owners of Aguas de Ibiza on a €60mm investment funding to finance the development of 300 residential units in Ibiza

Aglaia Capital advised HipoGes on the sale of a package of Distressed Residential Units in Spain

Aglaia Capital advised on a senior debt funding to finance the construction of Torre Village, the first Outlet Village in Zaragoza, Spain

Ángela Álvarez invited to be a Speaker in the 

4th Distressed Investment Forum, at the Panel Iberian NPLs and Real Estate, WJ Global Group

Frankfurt, Germany, November 2019 

Aglaia Capital and Ángela Álvarez invited to participate at the Inaugural BNY Mellon Fintech Connect

BNY Mellon’s inaugural Fintech Connect conference, with focus on Digital partnerships, introduced clients and the investment community to the brightest stars in the financial technology sector. Being the first company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the oldest bank in America, established Fintech Connect as the preeminent meeting of financiers and digital pioneers, following the believe that the top banks of tomorrow are the ones capitalizing on a growing disparity in technological expertise today

New York, USA, November 2019

Aglaia Capital was invited to participate at WCC 2019, Vegas Blockchain week

WCC is one of the world’s most interactive and engaging conference in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Vegas Blockchain week is a series of events bringing together thousands of blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and enthusiasts. Providing to the industry professionals the opportunity to discuss innovations and growth in this emergent technological and financial landscape. 

Las Vegas , USA, October 2019

Ángela Álvarez was invited to Chair 

the Panel Capital Markets in China, in Horasis China global meeting, Economic Forum

Las Vegas, USA, October 2019

Aglaia Capital was invited to participate in the China Finance Forum, organised by Luxembourg for Finance

Topics covered include: recent economic developments in China, China’s green finance revolution, China’s fintech and innovation boom, channels to access China’s capital markets, China’s opening up and diversification of the Chinese financial industry, and Chinese outbound investments in the EU

Luxembourg, October 2019

China Finance Forum, Luxembourg for Finance

Ángela Álvarez was invited to be an speaker at the

NPL& Restructuring Forum, WJ Global Group, at the Panel Real Estate Opportunities, WJ Global Group

Madrid, September 2019

Aglaia Capital invited to participate at BTC Trading Conference, Connecting the world of digital assets

Barcelona, July 2019

Ángela Álvarez was invited to speak and be jury at the Fintech Startups at The Next Web (TNW) Conference. TNW is an annual series of conferences focused on new technology and start-up companies in Europe

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 2019

Ángela Álvarez and Aglaia Capital invited to participate at the Malta AI Blockchain Summit, and the AI Blockchain Summit Awards, one of the world’s leading events for blockchain and emerging tech, operating on both a European and world stage

 Malta, May 2019

Ángela Álvarez, and Aglaia Capital, mentioned in Novobrief press release about 4th Horasis Global celebrated in Cascais, Portugal, March 2019

World leaders gather in neighboring portugal for the 4th horasis global meeting 

Ángela Álvarez was invited to be a member of the Jury at the 3rd CEE Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Annual Awards

Warsaw, Poland, March 2019

Ángela Álvarez was invited to Speak at Horasis India Global Meeting,  Economic Forum on Emerging countries, at the  Panel Spanish Economic Outlook

Málaga, Spain, June 2018

Ángela Álvarez was invited to speak at MoneyX at MoneyConf on the panel: “Blockchain and Cryptomania: current investment trends”

MoneyConf is a leading Fintech event in Europe, organised by one of the world’s largest tech conference, Web Summit. MoneyX is an exclusive, invite-only gathering taking place during MoneyConf where 150 global leaders in retail, e-commerce, payments and trade join for a highly curated industry experience.

Dublin, June 2018

Ángela Álvarez invited to be a jury at the Startup competition, IE Venture awards, at the South Summit. South Summit is a leading Tech and innovation conference  which connects the most disruptive startups with worldwide investors and corporations seeking for innovation

Madrid, October 2018 

Ángela Álvarez was invited to be a member of the Jury of the 2nd CEE Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Annual Awards

Warsaw, Poland, March 2018

Aglaia Capital have affiliated teams and trusted partners, combining professionals with extended experience, and a broad industry knowledge in the areas where we operate  


Ángela Álvarez
Founder & Executive Chairman

Ángela has chaired international executive positions and Boards, mainly in M&A, and Investment Banking. She has completed numerous international transactions mainly in the Financial, Real Estate and Hotel sectors, Restructuring and Alternative Financing. She was working at BBVA in several positions as Head of Investment Banking and member of the Risk Committee of the Iberian Special Assets Situations unit, Member of the Executive Committee of BBVA Consumer Finance and the Digital Bank Uno-e Bank, and Head of Corporate Development for the acquisitions of Consumer Finance, Insurance and Financial Institutions in Europe, Asia, USA and Brazil. Prior to that she headed the Corporate Finance and M&A European FIG team in Spain at KPMG. Previously, she worked at PWC Corporate Finance, Bankinter, Citibank, and All Trading AVB.
Ángela is also the Founder and CEO of Action Monkey, a permissioned DeFi Platform for security tokens, for the modernization of Private Capital Markets. Action Monkey is a Tokenization and an Investments Marketplace Platform with blockchain technology to disintermediate and automate the management and distribution of alternative investment funds. Focused on Real Estate, Hotels, and Renewable Energy assets. Primary and secondary market providing liquidity in illiquid markets, with an ESG ethos.

Ángela was a strategic partner, and is Vice Chairman and Advisory Board of Fair Value Capital (UK), an affiliated Private Office and Corporate Finance boutique in London. She is speaker at Economic Forums, active in the international M&A, Fintech and Blockchain space, passionate about decentralised technologies and cooperation business models, Featured as Top Fintech Influencer, Top Women Leaders and Elite league of innovative entrepreneurs

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