Focus on new financial infrastructures, which create, disrupt and improve core business areas of the financial industry

Aimed at creating an ecosystem which cooperates with the main actors of the financial industry in a new digital economy: Financial Institutions, Investors, Financing providers, Funds, Advisors, Private Equity, Venture capital, Investment Banking, Broker-dealers, and Regulators

Factoring for Small Businesses Using Blockchain Technology

Financial records and charges repository,  based on distributed ledger technology

The repository enables financial institutions to provide safe and simple receivables financing by diminishing fraud, and friction

  • Financing institutions using INVIOU’s registry to verify invoice ownership and authenticity can offer SMEs instant competitive financing
  • INVIOU’s registry is open to any authorized financing company that wishes to gain access to the untapped $1.5Tr SME open account financing segmentBanks, financiers, credit and factoring providers, consortias, financing marketplace platforms
  • INVIOU’s DLT and advanced data privacy algorithms enable financiers to: digitally verify the ownership and authenticity of registered open account records, review registered record-based financing requests, and, register a lien or ownership change

Institutional-grade blockchain for digital assets

First institutional-grade global network for digital securities

Based on Hyperledger Fabric.
Aimed at institutional financial entities, assets and investors

Digitizing the ownership of trillions of dollars in assets, and creating a new global digital securities network, is an unparalleled financial and social opportunity:
Global Equity: $ 70 Trn, Global Debt: $215 Trn, Global Real Estate: $217 Trn, Derivatives: $544 Trn

  • Within 10 years, digital securities will be the standard for the institutional ecosystem where are the vast majority of global capital flows. Ownera will be the rails on which the multi-trillion dollar ecosystem transacts in this new digital era
  • The Internet of Ownership: Ownera is a global base-layer Proof of Ownership protocol on which the market can compete to manage all regulated asset ownership and trade: Know Your Assets (KYA), Verification by underwriters, and Distribution
  • The Ownera 9 building blocks work together to deliver proof of real ownership: 
  • Owners: People or legal entities with KYC/AML approval
  • Assets: Assets in the real world, paired to Ownera tokens via KYA
  • Underwriting Nodes: Financial and Commercial entities, with trusted ownership services expertise, such as Investment banks and broker-dealers 
  • Atomic Trades: Instant settlement against any currency, including fiat, with no counter-party risk
  • Proof of Ownership: Consensus designed to prove ownership of off-chain assets
  • Distribution: Financial incentives powering a global economy of trusted ownership services
  • Regulation App Store: Built-in regulation-compliance. Issuers select which regulations to support
  • Privacy: Full control over privacy for assets and owners
  • Governance: Public, transparent, non-profit, permission-decentralized

Private Equity 2.0

DLT-powered securities issuance, and fund administration platform. Institutional-grade solution built for funds

By digitizing a security on Hyperledger, ownership and regulatory compliance are encoded within the asset, enabling to streamline the transfer processes of secondary fund interest sales.

That allows fund managers to provide their investors with an additional liquidity solution, ensure regulatory compliance in automated way, facilitate audit, and increase the efficiency of the processes

 Rivver allows fund managers to provide investors with the option to frictionless liquidate on secondary markets, reducing costs and eliminating delays, and providing other benefits such as streamlined subscriptions, audit facilitation and transparency:

  •  Create liquidity premiums for investorsRivver automates fund interest sales: Regulatory transfer restrictions, contractual limitations and other fund terms are built-in using Smart Contracts. The registrer is updated in real-time upon secondary transfers.
  • Make subscriptions easy: Investor on-boarding and processing is automated. KYC, AML and Investor Accreditation are verified in an automated way, as per both the fund’s and the investor’s legal jurisdiction. Enhance the subscription experience for investors, placement agents and back office.

  • Provide trust and transparency to investors and regulators: Rivver creates an inalterable audit trail. All transactions in the fund’s life, including subscriptions, allocations, distributions, are automatically logged in a shared ledger, distributed over a network composed of the fund’s service providers. Fund data is transferable in an accessible and accurate way for both investors and regulators