Aglaia Capital Club is a friendly new generation Investment Club

Bringing you Alternative Investment opportunities on Real Estate and Hotels, Alternative Financing, Venture Capital, Gold, Digital Assets, which match your investment strategy, offering a platform for Co-Investments, and access to the blockchain services of the affiliated projects of Aglaia Capital 

We want you join our network of Investors and trusted Investing Partners



Connect with other advisors needed along the investment process

We put you in contact with other advisors needed along the Assets' Investment procedure, such as authorised valuators, lawyers, due diligence advisors, creators of funds, and Asset Management Services

Access to Aglaia Capital investment Opportunities

According to your investment strategy, and access to services related to digital assets and tokenisation

Platform for Co-Investments

Let us know your investment strategy, and will match it with co-investors of your profile for your preferred investments

Access to the services of the affiliated blockchain projects of Aglaia Capital

Contributing on the digitalization adoption on your investments

Private Club Membership

We provide you with private clubs memberships in Madrid with international correspondences to enjoy doing business, organize your meetings, or just relax over a coffee or a drink, or have a prime hub location where you can domicile your company or your private address, and other benefits for making doing business a hobby